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Check out my single, I Don't Love You, down below, as well as a few of my recent songs.

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April 30 2018

New single, I Don't Love You, available now!

This single is a revisited version of a track off my EP, Lucky Stars! Have a listen!

Mar 19 2018

New Single, Loveless, available now!

This single was a cowrite and produced by Clare Follett, Music NL rising star winner. I am super happy to have partnered with Clare for this, and we are so proud of what we made. Have a listen!


Feb 24 2018

We now have Lucky Stars merch! 

We've been working hard designing, testing, waiting for the mail to come, and finally screen-printing, but now we are happy to release a line of "Lucky Jars" T'shirts. Check them out in my online store, or send me a message if you want to feel their softness before you buy. That can also be arranged.

Jan 28 2018

Exciting news! I have recently been verified on Spotify which is pretty big for me. Check out my Spotify account to see all my music, and click follow to be the first to be notified when my new single is released.


Have a great day friends:)